Our modern, welcoming wine shop is managed by professional sommelier Marco Rasetti, who will help you choose from our more than 500 wines and spirits.


With its 15,000 hectares of vineyards, Swiss wine production is certainly small scale, but its great variety of vines offers consumers a considerable range of wines.

We have selected a number of examples of Valais, Vaud, Neuchâtel and Grisons wines, alongside our well-established Tamborini Ticino wines and many other local products.


The joy of discovery and our traditions take us to Italy to provide you a selection of quality wine labels offered by well-known and less well-known producers.

Let you be captivated by our enthusiasm for these producers.


Our sparkling wines start from medium-sized producers (Le Manzane with its Prosecco), continue with a company which focuses on making sparkling wines only (Monterossa)

and diversifies with a range of Franciacorta wines and a great selection of Champagnes from small “récoltant manipulant”, where you can find the bottle that suits you best.


Our passion for Single Malts made whiskies a section at our Wine Shop in 2008. Over the years we have enlarged our range, and now have more than 200 Single Malt Scotch Whisky labels, some of which are rare and valuable.

To complete our range, we offer some Japanese whiskies, which are currently very fashionable, as well as Irish, American and Swiss whiskies.
Ours is the largest collection of whiskies in Ticino.


Our vast and varied range of spirits also encompasses white spirits such as gin and vodka, spirits aged in barrique such as fruit spirits, and grappas and grape-based products such as Cognac, Armagnac and Brandy.

We also have a vast assortment of agricultural rums made from sugar cane, and also rums made from molasses. Port lovers will find interesting products such as Tawny, 10y, 20y, 30y and 40y, LBV and Vintage ports.


You’ll find the best gift for any occasion here.

Let our sommelier advise and surprise you.