Today the estate has around 25 hectares of specialist vineyards, scattered over the best wine zones in Canton Ticino. The estate’s vineyards are in Comano (Vigneto ai Brughi), Lamone (Tenuta Tamborini – Lamone), Gudo (Tenuta Terre di Gudo), Neggio (Tenuta San Domenico), Porza (Tenuta san Rocco) and Castelrotto (Tenuta Tamborini – Castelrotto). For vineyard management, we comply with the standards fixed by the Integrated Production System.


The Terre di Gudo wine estate is located in the town of Gudo, near Bellinzona, in an area especially well-suited to winemaking.

It is made up of a number of plots to a total of more than 7 hectares (owned by Claudio Tamborini and Giuseppe Antognini) farmed to Merlot and Caminoir. They make one white and one red wine under the Terre di Gudo brand name.


Tenuta San Domenico is located in the town of Neggio, in the lower Malcantone, and has three hectares of vineyard scattered over a large, south facing terrace on the banks of Lake Lugano, at an altitude of 350 asl.

Owned by a religious foundation, it has been managed since 1946 by Dominican nuns, who have long devoted themselves to teaching, hospitality, viticulture and production of a great red wine, Merlot. These history-packed locations are the site of the convent and the little church of San Domenico, to which this great pure breed red wine has been dedicated.


The Tenuta San Rocco vineyard, in Porza, is located on a magnificent south-east facing terrace overlooking Lugano, with views of the town and the gulf.

Low yields per hectare and especially favourable pedoclimatic characteristics.


Grapes have been grown at Tenuta Tamborini Castelrotto for one hundred years. It is considered the historic estate par excellence and the cradle of Merlot growing in Ticino. Founded by Giovanni Rossi in 1908, the  estate is 10 hectares in size, of which more than 5 are farmed to vines.

There are many agricultural buildings and a B&B farm holiday hotel with 7 rooms, 1 mini apartment and a farmhouse in the midst of the vines, called Il Silenzio (The Silence). Vallombrosa® brand wines are produced, including reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines, grappas, honey and corn for polenta.


Tenuta San Zeno is in Lamone, 5 km north of Lugano, with 5-6 hectares of intensively farmed Merlot, Chardonnay and white Sauvignon vineyards, together with a residential building and wine cellars.

One special plot is devoted to producing the Costamagna cru, with very low yields per square metre and made only in the best years. On an east facing vineyard Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc vines are grown to make white ‘Mosaico’.


The Brughi vineyard is a hilly terraced south to south-west facing plot, around 15,000 square metres in size, in Comano, on the border with Cureglia at an altitude of around 400 asl.

The Bordeaux method has been chosen for winemaking of these fine grapes , with a long barrel period and ageing for 12 to 18 months in barriques, which give the wine extraordinary and unmistakeable flavours and balance after a few years of further bottle ageing. Yields are around 500 grams per square metre.